Abdul Faris Umlati, the Person Behind the Beauty of Raja Ampat
03-02-2020 - 05:31 | Views: 101.17k
The Mayor of Raja Ampat wearing Raja Ampat
The Mayor of Raja Ampat wearing Raja Ampat's traditional costume. (Picture by: muliansyah/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESMALAYSIA, RAJA AMPATRaja Ampat has been nominated as World's Best Tourism Destination 2019 by Dive Magazine, England. Abdul Faris Umlati along with the local community has a major role in making this place becomes likewise.

"On behalf of Raja Ampat community, I'm so proud and grateful to what this place have been achieved. It's a wonderful present for us," The Mayor said on Saturday (1/2/2020).

Meanwhile, in the beginning of 2020, the Mayor has granted three awards for his loyal dedication to the city. Two of them are from TIMES Indonesia and the Dive Magazine.

According to the Mayor, Raja Ampat led on the voting held by Dive Magazine. It got around 22.000 votes and left Hawai, Maldives and several other beautiful islands around the world behind.

Dive Magazines also stated that Raja Ampat worth for the award for its beauty. It has around 75% coral specifies around the world and 1500 species of fish including shark on the water.

According to the Mayor, one must have a diving skill certification to dive in Raja Ampat or at least accompanied by certified divers for it has a strong stream.

Abdul Faris Umlati, the Mayor of Raja Ampat has received the third award in the beginning of the year from Detik Indonesia for his success to bring Raja Ampat as one world's best tourism destination in the world. (*)

: Khodijah Siti
: Sholihin Nur
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