Islamic Center to be Religious Tourism Destination in Gresik
09-01-2020 - 01:35 | Views: 13.45k
The construction of Islamic Center in Balongpanggang sub-district, Gresik. (PHOTO: Akmal/TIMES Indonesia)
The construction of Islamic Center in Balongpanggang sub-district, Gresik. (PHOTO: Akmal/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESMALAYSIA, GRESIKIslamic Center, which is located in Balongpanggang sub-district, Gresik, East Java, is now being constructed. This construction is expected to be finished on time, so that it can be the new religious tourism destination in Gresik.

There will be three high buildings consisted of the mosque building, multifunction building, and the place of Manasik of Hajj. Moreover, it will be facilitated with the center of SMEs.

The Regent of Gresik, Sambari Halim Radianto, said that this project is expected to be finished by the beginning of 2021, right before his term ends.

According to Sambari, he decided to build new buildings in Balongpanggang because he wants an equal development in both south and north area.

Sambari expected that this construction would be finished on time.


The total budget allocated for the construction of Islamic Center is 64 Billion Rupiahs, which is divided into 2-year budget, 20 Billion Rupiahs in 2019, and 44 Billion Rupiahs in 2020.

 “This Islamic Center should be finished on time. This is the form of my contribution and Pak Qosim’s from the last year. We hope it will be beneficial for the society,” Sambari added.

Meanwhile, the Vice Chairman of Commission II DPRD Gresik, M Syahrul Munir, said that observation should be done before doing every construction project, especially if the project is for economy and tourism development.  

When a religious tourism destination is constructed, the Local Government should explore the existing potential in order to prevent the construction project from being neglected.

 “This project should be well-planned. Islamic Center should be managed properly, as it is far from the crowds, and the location is in the middle of the field,” he said.

He hoped that the Local Government can support the economic growth around Islamic Center. Therefore, when Islamic Center is officially opened, the area can be attractive to visitors.

“That is our current challenge. We have to revive the economic activities around the area of Islamic Center,” said Syahrul. (*)

: Akmalul Azmi
: Tiara Dewanti Djiwandono
: Ahmad Rizki Mubarok
: TIMES Gresik
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