Row Your Boat on The Emerald Green Water of Kali Congkel Pacitan
01-01-2020 - 04:36 | Views: 12.73k
The beauty of Kali Congkel Pacitan. (Picture by: Wahyu Deni Setiawan /TIMESIndonesia)
The beauty of Kali Congkel Pacitan. (Picture by: Wahyu Deni Setiawan /TIMESIndonesia)

TIMESMALAYSIA, PACITANKali Cokel Pacitan (Congkel River) of Pacitan will mesmerize your eyes and satisfied your longing of beautiful greenish scenery around along with its emerald green water.

Located in Watu Karing village, this river could be reach within an hour from the city center of Pacitan. You could ride a boat rented by the local community along the river to enjoy its beauty.


"This place has always been crowded with visitors during the peak season. Especially during the Eid El-Fitr or Christmas and new years holiday," Pandu, a local boat driver said on Monday (30/12/2019).

After being mesmerized with the beauty of Kali Congkel, once you step out your feet from the boat you could directly headed to Kasap beach which is known to have a crystal clear water.

Beside the Kali Cokel Pacitan also has another nature beauty such as Kali Maron. This city also has several beautiful beaches which is so worth to visit during your holiday. This city is also called as the hidden paradise for the beauty its offered. (*)

: Khodijah Siti
: Rizal Dani
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