Dozens of Beautiful Dancers Moved Harmoniously at Festival Kuwung Banyuwangi
10-12-2019 - 05:04 | Views: 37.22k
Festival Kuwung Banyuwangi 2019. (Picture by: Roghib Mabrur/TIMES Indonesia)
Festival Kuwung Banyuwangi 2019. (Picture by: Roghib Mabrur/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESMALAYSIA, BANYUWANGIFestival Kuwung of Banyuwangi which was held on Sunday (8/12/2019) brought dozens of beautiful dancers to perform on the stage. They all consequently performed in group with a harmonious body movement.

Kuwung in the local language literally means as rainbow. And as its name the festival was held to show the cultural diversity in Banyuwangi.

"Every area in Banyuwangi has different culture and tradition. And we give them space to show their valuable culture the all the audience of the festival," The Mayor of, Banyuwangi Abdullah Azwar said.

Dozens of traditional dance were performed by skilled local artists such as Gandrung, Kuntulan, Jaranan Buto, Jakripah. Some dance outside of the area such as Barong from Bali, Hudog from the East Kalimanatan were also performed on the festival.

On the occasion, as the biggest coffee producer in East Java, the famous Banyuwangi coffee were also brought up to be introduced to the audience on the Semriwing Kembang Kopi corner.

Festival Kuwung Banyuwangi were also supported by some other Regency in East Java which sent their talented dancers to join the festival and show their dancing skill such as Kediri, Probolinggo, Jembrana, and East Kalimantan.  

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