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Sip Your Coffee at Kopi Pakpos Yogyakarta
01-12-2019 - 18:32 | Views: 33.62k
Kopi Pakpos cafe. (Picture by: M. Willian Susilo/DJ TIMES Indonesia)
Kopi Pakpos cafe. (Picture by: M. Willian Susilo/DJ TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESMALAYSIA, YOGYAKARTA – Coffee has become a must to served on the table for the local community of Yogyakarta. Lots of coffee shop or cafe competing to make the best place which offer something unique to their customers. As what the Kopi Pakpos does.

Located at Jalan Panembahan Senopati No.2, Yogyakarta. Exactly next to the 0 kilometer point of Yogyakarta this Cafe offers a unique atmosphere in the area. The name of the Cafe 'Kopi Pakpos' literally means as the the Postman Coffee.

As its name the Cafe was decorated with lots of knick knack about old time post office. The customers could learn how the post office and their postman works in old time in this Cafe.

Lost of tourism ambassador will come here just to find out the history of the post office at and hiw the postmen work at then.

"I was loving near a post office when I was a child. And the postmen I saw inspired me to built this place and introduce the history to our customers," Helmi, the owner of Kopi pakpos said.

This Cafe served several variant of coffee such as the dark coffee, and coffe local herbs and spices. You could have cinnamon coffee, clove coffee, cardamom coffee, and star anise coffee at this place.

Helmi also said that he was planning to open another cafe at another post office in Yogyakarta by seeing the enthusiasm of the customers. Kopi Pakpos is a Cafe which not only served a coffee but also history of postmen at then. (*)

: Khodijah Siti
: Sholihin Nur
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