These 7 Beautiful Parks in Bandung are Worth to Visit
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Cikapundung Park. (Picture by:
Cikapundung Park. (Picture by:

TIMESMALAYSIA, JAKARTABandung as one of the biggest city in Indonesia which has a cool climate pampers the local community as well the visitors with beautiful parks. These parks are worth to visit and is perfect to spend your leisure time. Here are 7 beautiful parks in Bandung.

1. Taman Musik Centrum (Centrum Music Park)

Since lots of Bandung community loves music, the local government built the park to pamper those musician and music lover. There is a huge stage on this Park for their performance, basketball field and free wifi access.

2. Taman Cikapundung/ Cikapundung River Spot

Located at Jalan Siliwangi Bandung, this place is quiet close with the Bakakan City Forest. This Park has a beautiful dancing fountain in the middle of the park which will be activated twice in a day at 16.00 and 20.00 local western time. It also has good public facilities such as praying room, public toilet and huge parking lot.

3. Taman Lalu Lintas (The Traffic Digns Park)

This Park is located at the Jalan Belitung No. 1, Merdeka Sumur Bandung. This Park is very suitable for you to take your kids and teach them about the traffic signs.

4. Pet Park

As it name, this park is so perfect to take your pet for walk. It has pet jogging track, pet dexterity tools, and pet cage. Lots of animal lovers community gathered on this place just to greet each other or do some workshop.

5. Taman Film (Movie Park)

Yes, as its name this Park which is located at Jalan Pasupati Bandung provides you with several movies that you could enjoy for free. This Park has a huge videotron of 4x8 meters wide and 33.000 amp soundsystem. This Park could accomodate 500 people at a time.

6. Taman Fotografi (Photography Park)

Located at Jalan Kemujing No. 4, Sumur Bandung, this place is a perfect place for photographers and those who love some photography. This place provides beautiful spots for taking picture and to display your work of art.

7. Taman Jomblo (Park for the single)

It doesnt mean that you should be single to visit this place, no. The name of this place is taken from the colorful cubes chair which only suit for one. The beautiful chairs and the unique design makes this Park looks more interesting.

So there are 7 interesting Parks in Bandung you need to see. You could choose either one or visit them all to spend your evening.

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