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Movie Scope, a Mini Cinema in Malang
13-11-2019 - 14:39 | Views: 21.53k
Some movie at Mini Scope. (Picture by: Widya Amalia/TIMES Indonesia)
Some movie at Mini Scope. (Picture by: Widya Amalia/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESMALAYSIA, MALANG – Watching movie with your friend or family is an exciting thing to do. Lots of cinema offering the newest and popular movie that will enchant our eyes. But have you ever try watching movie in Movie Scope Malang?

Movie Scope is a mini cinema which provide hundreds of movie from the oldest to the latest. This cinema is located at Jalan Mayjend Panjaitan no 143 Malang, East Java.

There are three rooms with two different types in this place. The imut class which could accomodate 10 people at a time for IDR 90 K, Romance Class which could accomodate 4 people at a time for IDR 70 K.

The imut class will be facilitated with LCD projector. But in the romance class you will get huge plasma TV for the screen. You could choose any genre you like, either drama, horror, romance, action or else.

“We also have hundreds of movie which has not shown on the top chart movie, and when people missed it, they will usually come here to watch it," Wahyu Satriyo Jati, the owner of Movie Scope.

Wahyu built this cinema from zero. At

first, he and 9 of his partners was only opened a movie rental for his business when he was young. Then he started thinking to make his business bigger by opening his own mini cinema.

In addition, Movie Scope is the first and only mini cinema in Malang. This place will be fully booked by weekend and normally the customers are coming in group. They usually coming with their family or friend just to have some movie that they wanted.(*)

: Khodijah Siti
: Ahmad Rizki Mubarok
: TIMES Malang
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