Wow, Kasap Beach Pacitan Offers Full-Beauty Like Raja Ampat
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Kasap Beach Pacitan. (PHOTO: Evita Mukharomah/TIMES Indonesia)
Kasap Beach Pacitan. (PHOTO: Evita Mukharomah/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESMALAYSIA, PACITAN – The high number of beaches, caves and beautiful river beds make Pacitan, a regency in the southern sea of ​​Java, rich of amazing tourist destinations.

Pacitan Regency, East Java which is supported by its geographical location is well-known by domestic and foreign tourists as a city with amazing tourist attractions.

Such as the Kasap Beach which has two locations of the beauty beaches with amazing natural scenery.

To explore Kasap Beach, that is similar with Raja Ampat in Papua, visitors must visit the road on the edge of the cliff approximately 1 kilometer by walking to the hill.

"To visit and enjoy the panoramic beauty of Raja Ampat Beach of Pacitan, we need to go to the cliff road to the right of Kasap Beach to go up the hill," said Eirina Novitasari, a visitor from Surabaya, Saturday (06/29/2019).

Eirina said, along the way to Raja Ampat beach of Pacitan, visitors will be treated to a very beautiful view. Starting the pounding waves that roll towards the shoreline until the blue stretch of sea air and the breeze is very fresh and healthy.

Although the sun is super hot but it doesn't feel hot.

"Although you get to the top of the hill at 1 PM, it doesn't feel hot because the gentle sea breeze makes the place cool," he said

Many visitors capture the moments of the beauty of Kasap Beach, dubbed the Raja Ampat of Pacitan, by taking pictures on the edge of the cliff with a background of understanding the white waves of the water. (*)

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