Pulau Maspari, The New Raja Ampat of South Sumatera
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Diving at Pulau Maspari. (FOTO: bulletinmetropolis)
Diving at Pulau Maspari. (FOTO: bulletinmetropolis)

TIMESMALAYSIA, PALEMBANG – Located at the East wing of Ogan Komering Ilir (OKI) Pulau Maspari or Maspari Island will be a new tourism destination in South Sumatera.

This island has a beautiful beach and coral reefs also its tremendous fishes swimming around the reefs. Located at Desa Sungai Lumpur, Tulung Selapan this island categorized as an unspoiled island.

“This is an extraordinary hidden tourism asset, this island has an exotic beaches, coral reefs, scaled turtle, and many more, the government will give more attention to this island as a tourism site," Mawardi, the vice South Sumatera governor said.

According to the local citizens, this island has been managed by the government since Rosihan Arsyad the previous governor take control. Now on, the government has inspect and built an integrated security post to maintain the existence of Pulau Maspari as a tourism site.

“This island has an ecotourism potential. We will build fish and shrimp hatchery center, in order to help the local citizen to develop their economy," he added.

The government will also educate the local citizen to participate in conserving the local nature like the reef and the conservation forest. Meanwhile, the government also built some facilities including a helipad to make this island easier to be accessed.

"People will pursuit a wonderful place no matter how hard it is, Raja Ampat for instance, and our goal is to make this island as the second Raja Ampat of Indonesia," he added.

Will all the plans that has been made, the South Sumatera government committed to make Pulau Maspari as an enchanting tourist destination in the future. (*)

: Khodijah Siti
: Rochmat Shobirin
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