Indonesia Visits China for It's Clinical Test System Towards the Health Devices
21-02-2019 - 22:12 | Views: 37.48k
The Indonesian delegation led by the Minister
The Indonesian delegation led by the Minister's Special Staff for Health Services Improvement, Prof. Dr. Akmal Taher held meetings and visits to National Medical Product Administration, Fuwai Hospital, Beijing Shijitan Hospital, and Peking University

TIMESMALAYSIA, JAKARTA – China has become one of many countries in Asia that regulate  the medical device registration policy. Based on that , Indonesia hold China in dealing with health devices clinical test and the pre and post market health device inspection.

In order to follow up the cooperation On February 19, 2019 the Indonesian ministry which is represented by Prof. Dr. Akmal Taher, SpU(K) and drg. Arianti Anaya, MKM, visited National Medical Product Administration (NMPA), Fuwai Hospital, Beijing Shijitan Hospital, and Peking University.

NMPA is an institution as vice minister level which regulate the Pre and Post market and the registration of drugs, health devices, and cosmetics.

On the occasion, Prof. Taher told about the improvements that has been reached by Indonesia in conducting the clinical test for health devices.

“Indonesia has been experiencing in clinical test since 2001 by publishing some guidelines on how to conduct a clinical test towards drugs with Good Clinical Practice (GCP)," he said.

Meanwhile, the general secretary of NMPA China Xu Jinghe said that they are willingly ready to help Indonesia in building the upcoming clinical test system.

This then related to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that been signed between PRC and Indonesia on November 2017 about the cooperation towards handling and preventing diseases, developing the human resources on health aspect, and some cooperation on health services.

In addition, this meeting resulted in several decisions by two countries, which are: 1. Opening more chance for Indonesian students to study in China through scholarships on health programs from Tsinghua university and some health training from University of Beijing; 2. Together, the country will conduct research about the organ transplant; 3. Conducting mutual cooperation between Jantung Harapan Hospital and Fuwai University; 4. Conducting mutual cooperation between RSCM (Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital); 5. Conducting cooperation between Renji Hospital, Tongji University School of Medicine, in Shanghai and Vertical Hispital of Health Ministry of Indonesia; and last but not least, 6. Cooperation in building the traditional health service systems especially in preventing some diseases.

Furthermore, it is hope that the cooperation between Indonesia and China will give benefits especially for the citizens of both countries. (*)

: Khodijah Siti
: Sholihin Nur
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