The Enchanting Teluk Asmara Beach, The Raja Ampat of Malang
24-01-2019 - 00:26 | Views: 63.13k
The Teluk Asmara Beach. (Photo: Rohmat S/TIMES Indonesia)
The Teluk Asmara Beach. (Photo: Rohmat S/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESMALAYSIA, MALANG – As well as Bali, Malang also has thousands of beautiful beaches as a tourist destination. One of them is The Teluk Asmara Beach.

This beach gives the tourists a beautiful scenery. There are lots of small islands lined up make the scenery looks more amazing. For those who has ever visit Raja Ampat will feel like they were there when they visit this beach.

The tourists must to climb up on a small hill in order to be able to enjoy the full scenery. "Its a good place to relax and to enjoy the scenery," said Shobirin, a tourist on Teluk Asmara beach on the hill.

Still according to him, all the tourists must be very careful to get on the hill. Especially on a rainy season. The hill will be a bit slippery.

Besides it's beautiful sceneries, this beach also gives the tourist a mesmerizing sunset. "The coolest part is that it has a beautiful sunset too," he added.

This beach is also very suitable for camping. Lots of colorful tends patched there making the scenery looks more colorful.

So what are you waiting for? Open your Google maps and get the direction to the Teluk Asmara Beach Malang. (*)

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