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Don't Wash Your Face Many Times, Here is the Reason
07-08-2018 - 12:38 | Views: 28.43k
Wash your face. (PHOTO:
Wash your face. (PHOTO:

TIMESMALAYSIA, JAKARTA – Washing the face is one way to maintain the cleanliness of facial skin. Washing face can be done using special facial soap or just with water. But don't wash your face too often. This habit turns out can cause skin problems.

Health experts say that the natural moisture of the skin will be damaged if you often wash the face. It can be felt by the sensation of tight on the skin of the face, instead of it won't be slippery and smooth. It means that we've washed our face too much.

So, how often should we wash our faces? Health experts advise us to do it twice a day. However, if we are active and are often exposed to dirt, pollution, or have oily skin problems, then wash your face three to four times a day and it is still considered safe to do.

In addition to pay attention to the frequency of washing face, it's good for us in order not to rub facial skin too hard. Well, it can make the natural oil layer on the skin disappear and make the facial skin no longer moist again. Just use a scrub twice a week to remove dead skin cells on the facial skin.

Washing face too often turns out can indeed make facial skin wrinkle easily, especially if we use facial soap that does not suit for our skin type. It isn't only wrinkled face, the habit of washing face with hot water can also cause loss of moisture in the skin of the face. (*)

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